You need to consider the value-adding improvements you can make to your home to give it a competitive advantage in today’s housing market. Hardwood flooring is an excellent renovation option because it can provide a substantial return on investment and increase your home’s value.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of hardwood flooring and how you can make your home more valuable.

Greater Resale Value

Hardwood floors are more expensive than carpeting or lookalike flooring. The National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) conducted a survey and found that over 90% of respondents agreed hardwood floors increase the home’s resale values. A total of 12 percent of the agents said hardwood floors increase a home’s value by more than 10 percent.

Greater marketability

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice for both renters and homeowners in the United States. Hardwood flooring was voted the most popular choice by homebuyers and renters searching for a house. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 54% of potential homebuyers are willing to pay more for hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors can increase your chances of selling your home faster. A survey by NWFA found that nearly all real estate agents agreed that hardwood flooring makes selling a home easier. 82% of those interviewed said hardwood flooring makes it easier to sell a home.

Improved Perceived Value

Hardwood flooring increases your home’s perceived worth. This value is what a potential buyer sees as your home’s worth. The flooring gives your home a fresh look. It can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, making it more desirable and luxurious.

Low maintenance

Hardwood floors do not require a lot of maintenance. They only require a few minutes of sweeping, vacuuming, and polishing every few weeks. Cleaning up spills and messes on their surface is easy. Hardwood floor refinishing can restore them to like-new condition.


Hardwood flooring is durable, regardless of whether it’s solid or engineered hardwood floors. It is more durable than cheaper flooring options like carpeting, vinyl and tiles. It can last for many decades if it is properly maintained.

Hardwood flooring can increase your home’s value.

You now know the benefits of hardwood floors as a home improvement project. What you need to do next is to learn how to increase the home’s value.

Install new hardwood flooring

You can replace any existing flooring, such as tile, carpet or linoleum in your home, with wood flooring. Professional hardwood floor installation will help you get a good return on your investment.

Replace any hardwood flooring that has pet stains. These new pieces will not be noticeable once they are refinished.

Refinish floors that are already in good condition

Potential buyers may get the impression that your hardwood floors are old and worn. Potential buyers may discover hidden issues during inspections that could prevent them from accepting an offer.

To restore your floors to their original condition, sand them and refinish them. This will add value to your home beyond just aesthetic appeal. The majority of real estate agents will tell you that this can bring you a threefold return.

Refinish hardwood floors under carpet. Re-carpeting is usually more expensive than refinishing hardwood.

Hardwood floors can be added to key rooms

Edmonton has a few rooms that are ideal for people who want to work. Hardwood is preferred in the living, family, and dining rooms. It’s also very easy to clean hardwood flooring in the kitchen. People also love the hardwood flooring in their master bedroom. This investment can bring you back twice as much.

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Enhance the Timeless Beauty of Hardwood Flooring with Decor & Design

shutterstock_230689042After years of dealing with carpeting, you have finally made the investment in hardwood flooring. You are enjoying the elegance and beauty that hardwood floors adds to your home, but how can you decorate to complement these attributes? Now’s the opportunity to add the finishing touches to showcase your investment with the ideal accent pieces. At Edmonton Floor Sanding , we offer expert hardwood refinishing, installation, and floor maintenance services to keep your precious home improvement job. Let’s help keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful to complement your décor choices.

Layout Suggestions for Rooms with Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a design focal point in any room. It’s key to learn everything goes on wood flooring to set them on full display.

Floor Covering

Adding area rugs to rooms with hardwood floors is functional and visually attractive. Plan to include carpets to high traffic areas to reduce the wear and tear over the floor. Rugs also signify room division. The open concept design can often leave rooms cavernous and undefined. Putting an area rug defines seating areas and adds visual contrast.


Contemporary design is determined by industrial appearances with stainless steel fixtures, clean finishes, and gray colors. Hardwood flooring supplies a warm contrast to this design style. Avoid the propensity to match wood coloring through the space with the addition of bits with unique colours and textures. Colours need to complement and combine without being monochromatic for optimal aesthetic appeal.


Clean is obviously cool. Gorgeous hardwood floors without fractures and damage provide the ideal backdrop for any décor choice. Make certain to fix floor damage immediately to prevent it degrading over time. Dust mop and sweep flooring regularly with a soft bristle broom. Wash floors utilizing a specially formulated hardwood flooring cleaner, as required. Schedule professional cleaning for a thorough and safe deep wash annually.

Hardwood flooring are an investment that can last a lifetime and add timeless beauty to your property. Contact The Edmonton Floor Sanding your Regional hardwood flooring company, at 020 3151 6875 to talk with our group of flooring specialists.


shutterstock_1383763634Unbelievably,”that time of year” strategies again.

It is vacation season, along with your relatives, friends, new developments, and maybe a surprise guests will, very soon, be heading the way for a tasty home cooked meal, companionship, and present giving. From the hustle and bustle to”get everything prepared” for Thanksgiving and the December holidays, you want to prioritize. Your time is limited, as are your financial resources and your ability to concentrate.

Why on earth, then, do you bother spending the time, energy, and money to refinish your floors before the parties begin?

There are numerous good explanations. Not every homeowner or condo owner should spend the time/resources. But you may be amazed by the psychic space, comfort and coziness, and satisfaction which completing this job will provide you.

Here are three reasons why to act now:

1. A neat home is a welcoming house.

Is not this the 1 time of the year where you can “get all of the family together”? Do not you want to earn the experience reassuring and welcoming for everyone? Think of all the energy and time that you put into preparing meals and beautifying your home — getting holiday decorations, putting up lights, and what are you. Imagine in case you go through all of that work, however the aesthetic of your house is ruined because the flooring look drabby, scarred, gummed up with gunk, etc..

2. Getting this nagging task done will free up your psychic resources.

Why keep putting off this task? If it just sits there on your to-do listing…all the way in to 2020… imagine how much psychic power and drag which will have on your general productivity and pleasure. Just”pull off the band-aid” and do it today!

3. Getting your floors refinished will cost you less, take less energy and time, and result in more satisfaction than you may realize.

Researchers are only beginning to understand the energetic and sophisticated methods by which our environments impact our happiness, pride, and focus. A couple small changes (provided that they are the right changes) may make all of the difference.Join with the pros at Floor Sanding Edmonton in for efficient, cost-effective alternatives now.

Does Decking Need To Conform to Building Regulations?

11025202_899449146759786_7567538715209243292_nDecking is quickly becoming a popular addition to any residence. Allowing for a indoor, outdoor living experience for several months of this year a deck may add considerable relaxing and socializing area to your property. If planning your deck There Are Numerous things you will need to consider:

1. What Kind of wood you would like to use (such as walnut, ipe or walnut )
2. Exactly where you need to place the deck
3. What dimensions that the deck should be and obviously
4. The purpose of the deck will all be high on your list

But one question we often overlook is whether decking wants to conform to regulations.

The brief response to this issue is that if your decking falls into the category of requiring planning consent, then”yes”, will more than likely have to conform to regulations. In most instances decking falls under what’s called permitted development (this applies to England and may well differ in Scotland and Wales — thus do check if you are in doubt). Permitted growth rules assume that decking will be no more than a foot (30cm) above the original floor level and the deck takes up less than or equal to 50 percent of the entire garden area. By implication, anything falling in this assumption should not have to confirm to building regulations, but anything outdoors may well require planning permission and may therefore be asked to conform.

To Assess whether your deck project requires building consent Prior to Going ahead, here’s a checklist:

Will the deck be situated within 20m of a street?

Will the deck be more than 30cm (1ft) in the floor?

Will the deck take more than 50% of your garden place?

Will the deck influence on the amenity privacy or value of neighbouring properties?

Will the deck be connected to a listed building, situated in a conservation area or in a National Park?

If the solution is”yes” to any of those questions, or indeed if you’re in any doubt, it’s well with assessing your position with your regional planning office. At the conclusion of the day, there’s no point in investing in a brand new deck just to find you need to remove it or alter it since you have not got the right permissions beforehand.

When it comes to construction regulations, if a decking project falls into the category of requiring permission, the chance is that it will need to conform. Such things as the height of the deck will affect the need for suitably proportioned steps and balustrades. As soon as you get into this circumstance, it is always best to be safe, instead of sorry and to speak to your regional Building Control office in your local authority. Alternatively, a clued-up decking supplier ought to have the ability to steer you at the initial stage, but it is always worth mentioning the detail you’re given by any provider since the onus is on you as the proprietor to honor the rules.

There’s presently a planning portal on the internet which you may use in England to assist you determine your duties, in addition to applying for a license for those who need one.

Parquet flooring kitchen or bathroom?

Kitchen floorParquet flooring kitchen or bath?

We frequently get asked: parquet flooring kitchen or bathroom? The solution is generally yes. We sell to a lot of customers who have used reclaimed parquet in both rooms. Oak and Pitch Pine are extremely popular for kitchens. They seem to work nicely. Tropical hardwoods are largely more suitable for bathrooms. These species cope better with humidity and are more stable in support.

You could think about tiling the region close to the dishwasher and sink if you are not confident of maintaining the place dry. There’s a picture showing this under.

Our Very Best advice for matching this parquet is:

  • Fill out the gaps between the cubes after fitting. This guarantees that any moisture does not penetrate beneath the parquet that could cause problems afterwards.
  • Utilize a Fantastic water-resistant top-coat.

Aftercare of flooring:

  • Do wash up spillages as soon as you can look after your flooring.
  • Do not use bleach onto your flooring.
  • Do utilize an proper hardwood flooring cleaner.
  • Utilize a lightly moist sponge and dry after — excessive moisture will cause difficulties.



Snimki (10)Restoring original floorboards is far more difficult than anyone can imagine. It’s at times such as this that it is worthwhile becoming in the pros to do the job properly and to a high quality.

If it comes to restoring original hardwood floorboards you really need to know what you are doing and you also want the expertise to learn how different kinds of flooring ought to be treated and cared for.

Hardwood flooring experts will have the ability to analyze your hardwood floors and tell you whether or not it is possible that you restore the floorboards for their former beauty. They will inform you that the best way to sand, cure and stain the floorboards so that they’re cleaned, protected and properly maintained. This will make certain you’ll get many more years from your initial hardwood floorboards.

The professionals may even have all the necessary tools to perform the job properly like an industrial sander. It is best left to the specialists. They will then care for the floorboards to prevent the wood from rotting and then the floor is going to be stained to the color of your choice. You can then decide to get a varnish which will help harden the wood.


11150242_10152948300829580_3653082796195608977_nWood flooring is widely used in homes and commercial spaces around the world, and there are lots of different types and styles out there. Choosing one for your house not just depends on your tastes and the décor of their property, it is also hugely influenced by your budget.

For those who have plenty of cash to spend in their homes, hardwood floors is the way ahead. It may even be worth saving up for hardwood flooring, or even spending a bit more than you planned in order to get it, since it offers numerous benefits.

Also as its obviously beautiful aesthetic appeal, a real hardwood floor is also certain to last you much longer than many other flooring materials. Oak hardwood flooring, particularly, is known for being strong, durable and exceptionally long-lasting (provided it’s well-maintained), so it can be regarded as a sound investment that can serve your loved ones for decades.

A more affordable option that offers similar levels of grade is engineered hardwood floors, a material produced by layering and bonding wood together in this manner that it generates stable wooden boards.

The most budget-friendly flooring solution you can go to get is laminate floors, a synthetic solution that nonetheless offers a good resemblance of real hardwood flooring.


shutterstock_259944785If it comes to deciding on the flooring type for your latest DIY project, should you wind up going for a hardwood option, it can be tempting to just fit yourself.

Nonetheless, to be able to successfully install a flooring that is able to really make a room exactly what it is and attract warmth, style and beauty to the space, you have to think carefully about the best way to guarantee this is the case.

Unless you are highly proficient in this area it may be better to hire timber flooring fitters throughout the supplier instead as they understand everything involved with the process, while they may counsel on any maintenance that may be necessary in the future.

Of course it will all depend on the kind of flooring you eventually opt for and the conditions surrounding the area where the flooring is to be placed. Generally speaking however, you ought to think about leaving this task to people with the know-how of ensuring the flooring is fitted as it is designed to be.

This still leaves you with all the duty for the interior layout of the rest of the space and thus you will still get a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment out of the undertaking.

It can be so rewarding to finally see the final article and understand it has been done with help from the hardwood flooring specialists.


shutterstock_771702859If you’ve had wood floors fitted in one or more rooms of your house and are wondering how it ought to be cared, treat it like it is a piece of furniture. Much like an elegant chair, if it’s cared for as it should, it may last a life — or even more. Nevertheless, damage to the floor, such as scratches can occur if you are not careful.

When moving furniture and other items around the room be sure that it does not drag across a wooden floor using its oiled or lacquered end as scratches and marks are going to be the only outcome. Instead, buy felt pads and apply them to the pieces of furniture to protect the ground.

Even just going into the room in shoes ought to be done with caution, as grime can easily be tread into the floor causing damage like that mentioned above. A mat may prove to be a rewarding solution in this case as folks become a routine of wiping their feet before position on the gorgeous hardwood floor.

Maintenance is the final thing to think about as crossing the ground on a regular basis will keep it looking great all the time.

8 things to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Norske Oak Manning Main Image-800x800Some things are timeless and hardwood floors is on this list. It adds a classic look to just about any room and, as we have discussed in previous articles, can add value to your home. Additionally, it’s simple to clean making it great for people who suffer with allergies. And, contrary to other forms of flooring, taken care of correctly, hardwood flooring will last a lengthy time. While hardwood floors is a superb solution for many flooring problems, it is important to shop carefully since there are many variables to consider so you select the right type of flooring for your individual needs.
Hardwood flooring can be a huge investment depending on the kind you choose and the area where it will be used. It is our goal here in Floor Sanding Edmonton to arm you with enough information for you to create an educated and intelligent decision concerning your flooring options.
Tip 1 — Set a Budget.
Like any big buy, you want to begin with a budget when buying flooring. The fact isthat 11037313_417283505112488_8713349562166542433_nthere are so many different options there is something for every budget. At Floor Sanding Edmonton our flooring professionals can allow you to make the best decision for your individual conditions. They’ll also discuss matters like warranty, setup options, different sub-floor options and anything else you should be aware of in regards to your flooring job. Often times it isn’t what you know that compels a job over budget but what you’re unaware of.

Tip 2 — Different floors kinds could be necessary for different parts of the home.
This may be evident in regards to the bathroom and kitchen areas. Obviously, wherever there’s moisture or water you are going to want to use an appropriate type of flooring. What may not be obvious are high-traffic areas like hallways. In areas where there’s an excessive quantity of traffic, you will want to utilize a more durable hardwood floor type that’s scratch resistant. Irrespective of where there floors will wind up, there’s a “hardwood for that”.
Tip 3 — Carbon Footprint.
Among other things, now consumers seem to be more conscious of how their choices impact the environment. There was a time when a individual searching for “green” floors had hardly any choices. Nowadays, because of consumer demand, there are plenty of choices from the environmentally friendly class.

Hint 4 — Setup Considerations.All floors are not created equally and to complicate shutterstock_512281603matters, just about every different type of flooring demands individualized installation. Unless you’ve installed floors before and know what it is you are doing, it is recommended that you hire a specialist. Many flooring types need specialized tools, adhesives, and sub-flooring. Additionally, if the floor is not installed correctly it can negate the warranty. There are many factors involved with the installation of flooring, it’s best to acquire a qualified professional installer to take action.

Tip 5 — Do a little digital shopping.
It isn’t always easy to stop in at your local flooring store. Frequently time the hours they are open are not conducive to your schedule. Additionally, based on the store, they could have a limited amount of inventory to show you. For these reasons it’s recommended that shopping on the internet or in magazines is a fantastic place to start. Discover the large number of possibilities before making a decision. That way you’re less likely to become disappointed because you discover a flooring type you had been previously unaware of.

Hint 6 — Does the flooring include a guarantee?
If you have never bought flooring previously, you may not know that most superior flooring includes a guarantee just as with other products. Ensure you read and understand the guarantee before you get it. If you do not know it, have your salesperson describe it for you.

Hint 7 — Floors should not be an impulse purchase.
Whatever you choose to purchase when it comes to flooring, chances are you are going to have to live with it a while. Because you’re probably making a massive investment, you need to talk to flooring professional and have all your questions answered before beginning. The right flooring individual will make you feel totally comfortable about your flooring choices.

Hint 8 — Telephone a friend
If, after exercising caution and performing the required research, you are still uncertain about your flooring option, speak with a few close friends which have different tastes to get some feedback.